Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Michael Jackson-Honoring Event of Some Kind Headed to Staples?

As Neverland Ranch was crossed off the list, the question remained: Where the heck will Michael Jackson's memorial be held?
Considering thousands of fans will want in on any public event, the Jackson family appears to be zeroing in on Los Angeles' Staples Center to hold some type of tribute to the King of Pop on Tuesday morning.
A spokesman for AEG Live, which owns the venue, tells E! News, "At this time, nothing is scheduled, nothing is planned" and a LAPD spokesman says they're still waiting to hear from the family as far as mobilizing officers for peace-keeping and motorcade purposes goes.
But sources say that July 7 at Staples—for an event that will not include a viewing of the body or a traditional funeral service—is the goal.
The news comes as Neverland Ranch was officially checked off the list, both as a spot for a public viewing and as a burial site. California law requires that humans be buried in established cemeteries and it's up to local officials (and a gob of paperwork) to obtain permission to bury someone on private property.
Although a rep for the cemetery said it's impossible for them to comment on a family's burial plans, L.A.'s famed Forest Lawn is where Jackson's body is said to be now, awaiting interment.
But his family has yet to file a death certificate, which is required to bury the King of Pop anywhere, E! News learned Wednesday.
A burial permit specifying the "disposition" of a body (i.e. cremation, burial, donation to science) cannot be obtained until there's a death certificate, according to the California Department of Health.
Families have eight days from the time of a relative's death to file a death certificate, but as of Wednesday afternoon, the vital records office had not yet received the Jackson paperwork. "Maybe the family has not made final arrangements," suggested a health department official.

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