Monday, August 31, 2009

The Brazilian connection! Juve tame the wolf!

It is immediately a great match with a bit of tacticism in the beginning but great rivalry and determination and will to win throughout. Ferrara chose to field a 4-3-2-1 formation with Diego to act as ball feeder to strikers Iaquinta and Amauri.

On the 1st minute Felipe Melo with the help of Buffon clears a rather tricky ball in the area. Two minutes later, A Diego shot from outside the area is deviated into corner. The 4th minute sees a A Marchisio cross go straight into the arms of the keeper. On the 5th minute there is a corner for Roma but the ball goes very wide. Three minutes later Roma benefit of another corner after a run and shot by Mexes with deviation. The Juve defence brings the ball out. One minute later, there is a ball into the Juve area but Chiellini heads away.

On the 10th minute there is a good cross by Iaquinta into the area but Amauri does not manage to head the ball. One minute later Cassetti shoots from way out but the weak shot does not create any problems for Buffon. On the 20th minute, Diego puts a ball into the Roma area but De Rossi heads away.

It is the 21st minute when Iaquinta recieves a ball in the area but the ball is shot into corner by the defence. From the flag the ball is put into the area but the defence clears. One minute later there is a free-kick for Juve: Diego puts the ball into the area, Tiago heads greatly but the keeper performs a miracle putting the ball into corner.

The Brazilian champion scores his first goal in the Serie A three minutes later. Diego wins a ball in midfield, goes past two defenders, enters the area and puts the ball behind the keeper for the opener (1-0). Three minutes later, there is a corner for Juve: ball reaches Iaquinta but is put one again into corner. Tiago back on the field shoots but the defence clears.

The 32nd minute sees a free-kick for Roma: Pizzarro puts the ball very wide for a goal-kick. Three minutes later De Rossi takes Juventus by surprise and shoots from a distance equalizing before the bianconeri have time to settle down for the free-kick (1-1).

Juve react and on the 37th minute benefit of a free-kick. Diego puts the ball into the area but Riise clears. One minute later another Diego free-kick followed by an Amauri header is saved by the keeper. On the 40th minute there is a free-kick for Roma: ball into the area but Melo puts into corner. Three minutes later it is Juve who go close to scoring again: Amauri hits the post after a good exchange in attack.

The 45th minute sees Diego with a great cross into the area for Amauri but the keeper manages to punch away. In the only minute of stoppage time two Juve defenders slip and Totti is alone in front of Buffon who performs a miracle just before the half-time whistle.

The second half continues where the first left off. On the 3rd minute there is a free-kick for Roma: ball into the area cleared well by Iaquinta. One minute later, Melo tries a shot from 25 metres but the ball is cleared. On the 5th minute, the ballis put into the area towards Amauri but Julio Sergio saves. Seconds later, Diego enters the area and passes to Iaquinta but Mexes manages to anticipate.

On the 9th minute Amauri receives the ball in the area and shoots but Julio Cesar denies him the goal. From the corner, the ball reaches Amauri who heads high. On the 12th minute Iaquinta with a great run enters the area, is disturbed by Burdisso who puts the shot into corner in what was a golden opportunity. One minute later there is a free-kick for Juve: Diego puts the ball into the area, the defence clears partially but the referee stops the action because Cassetti is on the floor. Two minutes later, A Iaquinta header goes inches high.

Camoranesi comes on for an injured Marchisio on the 17th minute. Four minutes later, a great header in the area by Amauri is saved by the Roma keeper. On the 23rd minute Diego shows all his phenomenal talent. The Brazilian receives from Iaquinta, goes round Mexes and shoots beyond the keeper for the 2-1! Simply magical!

On the 25th minute Diego dribbles past the defence who finally intercept the pass. Two minutes later Menez makes Juve hearts miss a beat finally putting a dangerous ball wide. On the 29th minute Legrottaglie on for De Ceglie. Cheillini moves to a full-back position. One minute later there is a corner for Juve: Tiago receives the ball and sees his shot headed into corner.

The 32nd minute sees Tiago who receives from Iaquinta but his shot is not powerful enough. One minute later, Totti hits the post after a Cannavaro deviation. From the flag a De Rossi attempt is waved away by Buffon and then another attempt goes very high. A Roma free-kick goes straight into the arms o Buffon.

On the 36th minute, A Chiellini conclusion goes wide after some really good action by Diego, Amauri, Iaquinta and the defender. Two minutes later, a powerful Diego shot from outside the area is saved by the keeper.

The 39th minute sees Poulsen come on for Diego. The Brazilian ace is applauded as he exits the stadium. Two minutes later, Amauri stopped for a foul in attack after some really good work. Menez tries a shot but the ball goes wide on the 42nd minute. The 44th minute sees a free-kick for Roma after a dubious foul of Amauri on Pizarro: Pizarro takes it but Chiellini clears.

On the 46th minute a A Poulsen shot goes high but two minutes later Felipe Melo wins a ball in midfield, advances, shoots and scores a great goal dfixing the final result on 3-1!
Juventus played a great game against a difficult team in a tricky stadium, once again responding to Ferrara’s instructions and bringing home a very important 3 points.

Serie A 2009/10 2nd Match Day
Rome, Stadio Olimpico
Sunday 30th August, 2009


Scorers: Diego (25th), De Rossi (36th), Diego (68th), Felipe Melo (93rd)

ROMA: J. Sergio; Cassetti, Burdisso, Mexes, Riise (Vucinic 71st); De Rossi, Pizzarro; Taddei (Tonetto 46th), Perrotta (Cerci 80th); Menez, Totti. Reserves: Artur, Juan, Motta, Gubetti, Tonetto, Cerci, Vucinic. Coach: Spalletti.

JUVENTUS: Buffon; Grygera, Cannavaro, Chiellini, De Ceglie (Legrottaglie 74th);Tiago, Felipe Melo, Marchisio (Camoranesi 62nd); Diego (Poulsen 84th), Iaquinta, Amauri. Reserves: Manninger, Legrottaglie, Molinaro, Camoranesi, Poulsen, Del Piero, Trezeguet. Coach: Ferrara.


Yellow Cards: Tiago (15th), De Rossi (19th), Taddei (34th), Diego (36th), Perrotta (36th), Marchisio (44th), Grygera (80th),

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