Saturday, May 16, 2009

5 Assets a Good DUI Lawyer Must Have

If you are looking for a DUI defense lawyer, you should get someone whom you can trust. There is no point in getting the services of a legal counsel whom you are not comfortable working with. The first requisite for an effective defense of a case is getting the right Nevada DUI lawyer.

There are 5 essential rules that you must follow when you are considering the Nevada DUI attorney who will handle your challenging case. These are relevant rules that should be applied in all DUI cases irregardless of the circumstances and the state where you are facing the DUI charges. The 5-set guideline works under the assumption that you will be dealing with a lawyer with unquestionable integrity and trustworthiness.

A good DUI lawyer brings along good credentials backed by good educational background and long experience in the practice of law, most specifically in criminal cases. You must have the eye in differentiating the counselors as being excellent to mediocre legal experts. You don't want to end up getting the services of a counselor whose performance records is littered with miscues and misjudgments. When faced with this type of charge, a DWI and other similar misdemeanors, it is important that you apply the following rules when assessing your chances with the professional you are planning to hire.

Rule #1 - Your lawyer must be thorough in getting all pertinent information about your background and present personal circumstances. A defense lawyer will be able to use these information and circumstances to gain sympathy from the court and the prosecutor.

Rule #2 - Your defense counselor must be able to show genuine concern about your situation in words and in deed. Your legal counsel must be able to convince you that both of you share a common sentiment regarding the case at hand. It would be disastrous if you get the service of an attorney who may have other things in mind than to give you the appropriate legal representation and defense.

Rule #3 - Your defense expert must demonstrate genuine effort in getting you free from serious charges. He must be able to use timely legal maneuvers to get the best concessions in your favor. It would be good for your cause, if your court representative is able to get the formalities covered as quickly as possible.

Rule #4 - Your defense counselor must be able to clearly see the repercussions of a DUI record on your personal and professional credibility. A criminal record can lead to serious consequences that will include suspension of licenses and even the loss of your job. A qualified counselor should be able to weigh the stakes involved when handling your defense. As much as possible, your legal counsel must have the keen eye in using all legal remedies to give you the best shot at the defense of your case. This may involve possible plea bargaining to mitigate the impact of a DUI record in your personal and professional integrity.

Rule #5 - Your lawyer must commit to confidentiality in all dealings related to the case. As dictated by professional ethics, your legal counsel must assure that all information shared with him shall be held in strict confidentiality and under any circumstance, will not be divulged to a third party.

The author recently spent time researching law firms with a Nevada DUI attorney. He enjoyed learning how a Nevada DUI lawyer goes about his business.

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