Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Between Husain and Jesus

Prophet Jesus is the son of virgin Mary.She gave birth to him by miracle of Allah Almighty swt without anything or anyone touching her.Any human or angel did not touch her.in fact, Allah swt the all powerful created an embryo in her womb just as he creates living every moment.he honored this creature with his message, accorded him with the title of “spirit of Allah”, and made him one of the prophets of determination who were sent with universal messages.Not withstanding his greatness and augustness, he did not escape the oppression and envy of the jews who haunted him and provoked the rulers against him until they were abler to capture him and kill his disciples and followers.

It was not any different for Imam Husain the son of Lady Fatimah as.He was great man.Prophet Muhammad saw gave him and his older brother Imam Hasan the good hidings of being the “Masters of the youth heaven”.Imam Husain was a dignified, learned, august, generous, fourbearing, pious and a worshipping master, who knew nothing but the truth and feared no one but Allah almighty.

This great leader, along with a few of his family and companions, rervolted against the tyrant and the son of a tyrant, Yazid ibn Muawiya, who was a dissolute alcoholic ruler with no respect whatsoever to human values of human life.Imam Husain as revolted against this tyrant in the attempt to reform the social environment and save the Islamic nation from the claws of this ruler who in his will and whims was like the jews against prophet Jesus.Yazid sent tens of thousand of troops to murder Imam Husain as.The troops killed Imam HUsain , his family and companions, after besieging them in a barren land (karbala) until they run out of water and food and exhausted by thirst and hunger.They cut their heads off, mutilated their bodies, carried their heads on spear tops and exhibited them in many cities.They did not bury the headless bodies but instead ran over them with their horses.

This tragedy likens that of prophet Jesus.It is reported in many holy traditions of the progeny of prophet Muhammad saw that there had not been any child born in six months except for Jesus and Husain.Imam sadiq as said : “No one was ever before born in six months except Issa bin Mary and Husain bin Ali as”.
Some reports considered that as one of their miracles and honors.Some reports say,”No child born in six months had survived except for Hussain and Jesus”.Other reports say,”Jesus was born where Imam Husain was martyred”.(Fadel al Murati)

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