Friday, May 29, 2009

Del Piero and Marchisio : a pair of protagonists

All those who watched the match against Siena, witnessed the great match played by the captain and the youngster. Both players seemed to be on the same wavelength throughout crowned by two goals by the captain and another by the young midfielder.

The captain seemed to be very happy with the outcome of the match and positive about the future, even though rather disappointed with the outcome of the season in general: «It was a god match, we played well, we ran, we had many attempts, we even missed a few chances, but it was a great match. We were more concentrated then in the past few weeks. We had the right motivation and mentality and we have a coach who makes us see things positively. I would have preferred having ended the season in a different manner but we will work harder next year. Now we must try to end this season in the second place».

Asked how it feels to have Ciro Ferrara as coach after all the matches played together on the field: «As a player he was great. As a coach he just played one match but I really hope he will have many more sitting on the bench».

Claudio Marchisio came back from a series of injuries to immediately leave his impact in a crucial match for the final outcome of the season: «I am happy to have come back after a month of injuries. I feared cramps but I am glad to have healed well thanks to the staff. The team played well and we managed to put a large weight on the match from the first half».

The midfielder spoke of the changes in the last week: «We worked differently this week. It is normal with a change of coach. Today we felt we could cope with the heat. I am happy with the goal and I would like to thanks Alex for the pass. I try to help out even in the attack because that’s what all good players do and today I managed to do so well»

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