Friday, May 29, 2009

Ferrara : I am already thinking of Lazio

After ten days of work on the field with the first team, Ciro Ferrara continues to be in the spot light with the most recent bulbs being those of the Juventus channel studios. The new Juventus coach was the special guest during the last episode of the season of Filo Diretto.

It was another occasion to receive the embraces of –even if only virtually- of the Juventus supporters after the victory against Siena: «The joy following the victory against Siena was soon forgotten and we are already thinking of the next match, on Sunday against Lazio».

Ferrara continues to work hard with the group in order to complete the job and confirm the second place in the championship, before ending the season and thinking of the future. «I don’t know what will happen after. I confirm all I have said after the first press conference. I am at the disposal of the club whatever the decision may be. Sunday is Nedved’s last match? To say the truth we have not yet understood whether Pavel will retire. If he does it will be a sad thing to see a champion like him leaving football just like it was said to see the end of the career of Paolo Maldini. They are both examples to follow for what they did both on the field and off it».

While at Juventus thoughts are shifted to the match against Lazio, everybody is still speaking of the Champions League final played yesterday with the victory of Guardiola’s Barcellona over Manchester United. Ferrara commented on the match and congratulated his colleague: «Barcellona deserved to win even though it was not a great game. I am very happy for Guardiola who I think established a record by winning three competitions in his first year as coach. It is a sign which shows that even young coaches can do well»

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